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March 02, 2012

What's New March 2012

New resources  

Business Services BSB07 – Version 6.0

BSBCCO203A Conduct customer contact

BSBCCO204A Collect data

BSBCCO205A Prepare for work in a customer contact environment

BSBCCO301B Use multiple information systems

BSBCCO302B Deploy customer service field staff

BSBCCO303B Conduct a telemarketing campaign

BSBCCO304C Provide sales solutions to customers

BSBCCO305B Process credit applications

BSBCCO306B Process complex accounts

BSBCCO307A Work effectively in customer contact

BSBCCO308A Conduct outbound customer contact

BSBCCO309A Develop product and service knowledge for customer contact operation

BSBCCO403A Schedule customer contact activity

BSBCCO404A Collect, analyse and record information

BSBCCO405A Survey stakeholders to gather and record information

BSBCMM301B Process customer complaints

BSBCUS201B  Deliver a service to customers

BSBCUS301B Deliver and monitor a service to customers

BSBCUS401B Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies

BSBCUS402B Address customer needs

BSBCUS403B Implement customer service standards

BSBCUS501C Manage quality customer service

BSBITS401B Maintain business technology

BSBMKG501B Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities

BSBRKG403C Set up a business or records system for a small business

BSBRSK501B Manage risk

BSBSMB405B Monitor and manage small business operations

BSBWOR203B Work effectively with others

BSBWOR301B Organise personal work priorities and development

CULMS207C Assist with the presentation of public activities and events    

Information and Communications ICA11 – Version 1.0

ICASAS202A Apply problem-solving techniques to routine IT malfunctions    

Financial Services FNS10 - Version 2.0

FNSACC406A MYOB Set up and operate a computerised accounting system using MYOB

FNSACC407A Produce job costing information    

Health HLT07 - Version 4.0

HLTCOM407B Provide reception services for a practice

Reviewed resources

Business Services BSB07 - Version 6.0

BSBADM409A Coordinate business resources

BSBAUD402B Participate in a quality audit

BSBCOM503B Develop processes for the management of breaches in compliance requirements

BSBLED301A Undertake e-learning

BSBMGT404A Lead and facilitate off-site staff

BSBMKG401B Profile the market

BSBRSK401A Identify risk and apply risk management processes

BSBWRK509A Manage industrial relations

BSBWRT401A Write complex documents

PSPLEGN301B Comply with legislation in the public sector    

Community Services CHC08 - Version 3.0

CHCRF511A Work in partnership with families to provide appropriate care for children