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January 20, 2012

SIT07 Promotion

Made a new year resolution to refresh your

 Tourism, Hospitality and Events

resources in 2012?



 Well, compare our Apples with your Apples  

Review our range of Tourism, Hospitality and Events SIT07 resources for free.*  

To order your free resources call (08) 8275 9370


SIT07 resources available for the following qualifications:

SIT10207 Certificate I in Hospitality  

SIT20107 Certificate II in Tourism  

SIT20207 Certificate II in Hospitality  

SIT20307 Certificate II in Hospitality (Kitchen Operations)  

SIT30107 Certificate III in Tourism  

SIT30707 Certificate III in Hospitality  

SIT40207 Certificate IV in Tourism  

SIT40307 Certificate IV in Hospitality  

SIT40407 Certificate IV in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery)  

SIT50107 Diploma in Tourism  

SIT50307 Diploma in Hospitality


*Offer includes Trainer Assessor Guides only, a maximum of 20 Trainer Assessor Guides can be claimed per company, valid until 30th April 2012  

Call us on (08) 8275 9370 to arrange your complementary resources