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January 03, 2012

What's New January 2012

New resources

Business Services BSB07

BSBITU309A 2010 Produce desktop published documents Using Publisher 2010

BSBITU404A 2010 Produce complex desktop published documents Using Publisher 2010

BSBMKG411A Analyse direct marketing databases

BSBPUR402B Negotiate contracts

Community Services CHC08

CHCLLN402A Support adult numeracy learning and development

CHCLLN403A Identify clients with language, literacy and numeracy needs and respond effectively

Health HLT07

HLTHIR505C Provide leadership in promoting effective work practices in health    

Short Course

Project Management Fundamentals      

Reviewed resources

Business Services BSB07

BSBEMS403B Develop and provide employment management services to candidates

BSBHRM401A Review human resources functions

BSBHRM402A Recruit, select and induct staff

BSBITU101A Operate a personal computer Using Vista

BSBITU101A Operate a personal computer Using Windows XP

BSBRKG304B Maintain business records

BSBRKG402B Provide information from and about records

BSBPMG404A Apply quality management techniques

BSBPMG510A Manage projects

BSBWOR302A Work effectively as an off-site worker

Community Services CHC08

CHCAC316C Provide food services

CHCCN301B Ensure the health and safety of children

CHCCN303A Contribute to provision of nutritionally balanced food in a safe and hygienic manner

CHCCS400B Work within a relevant legal and ethical framework

CHCFC301A Support the development of children

CHCIC301E Interact effectively with children    

Health HLT07

HLTOHS300B Contribute to OHS processes    

Transport and Logistics TLI10

TLIA3019A Organise receival operations

TLIA3023A Coordinate stocktakes

TLIA3024A Organise warehouse records operations

TLIA3038A Control and order stock

TLIA3039A Receive and store stock

TLIA4031A Consolidate freight

TLIB1001A Check and assess operational capabilities of equipment

TLIB1031A Clean-up plant, equipment and worksite

TLIB2119A Carry out maintenance of trailers

TLIB3006A Carry out inspection of vehicles designed to carry special loads

TLIC3011A Transport passengers with disabilities

TLID1001A Shift materials safely using manual handling methods

TLID2003A Handle dangerous goods/ hazardous substances

TLID2004A Load and unload goods/cargo