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Trainer Assessor Guides

smallPRINT Trainer Assessor Guides are available as a companion to the Learner Guides. The Trainer Guides are set out the same as the Learner Guides to assist the delivery of training and assessment. They include suggested answers or responses to the assessment activities.

These trainer/ assessor resources can be used to assist in the training and development of people who are currently in employment or seeking employment. They are designed as self-paced learning materials and are also suitable for adaptation to workshop or classroom based learning and assessment.

Set out in sections, each area addresses the elements and performance criteria of the unit. Assessment activities are provided for all performance criteria. All activities and assessment tasks are mapped against:

  • Elements
  • Performance criteria
  • Critical aspects of assessment
  • Required skills and knowledge
  • Employability skills

The final section of Trainer Assessor Guides provides a range of assessment tools and recording systems to support RTO training and assessment strategies.  Trainer Guides also include a continuous improvement form as the last 2 pages of the resource to allow trainers to send in any suggestions for improvements.


Our resources come in two standard formats, Integrated and Split and can also be customised.


Integrated format resources have learning support material for each performance criteria followed by related activities, with a final assessment at the back of the resource.

View an example of our Integrated format Trainer Assessor Guide BSBLED401A TAG VC1.pdf

Split format resources have learning support material for all performance criteria located at the front of the resource with the activities grouped together at the back of the resource. 

View an example of our Spilt format Trainer Assessor Guide BSBLED401A TAG VC1 split.pdfTrainer Assessor Guides